Current Projects

Staging area for Antunes' Capitol College Work

  • A. Antunes and I. Antunes, Comic books in the physics classroom, Physics Today, online July 31 2012, 2012,
  • A, Antunes, The challenge of gifted education, Physics Today, online May 28 2011, 2011,
  • A. Antunes, Citation to Encourage Scientific Web Contributions, 2009, Physics Today, 62, 8, 41, 2009
  • A. Antunes, "The Sky By Day" web column, Feb 2009-present,
  • A. Antunes, A. Thernisien and A. Yahil, 3D Height-Time Evolution of the Asymmetric 12/31/07 CME via Hybrid Reconstruction, 2009, Solar Physics, 256, Vol 1-2
  • A. Antunes and J.W. Wallin, Dynamical Parameters for AM0644-741, 2007, Ap.J., 670, 261
  • A. Antunes, “ASCA', “Japanese High Energy Satellites”, and ”The World Wide Web”, 2007, in Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Space Technology, ABC-CLIO Press
  • A. Antunes, M. Holmes, S. Chupp, Roleplaying with Kids, 2006, TCM Press
  • A. Antunes, What Dumbo Tells Jumbo (HMMs in Automated Linguistic Translation), 2005, Computing in Science & Engineering, v7, 55
  • Coach, Kenmoor Middle School Science Bowl Team, 2011-2012
  • Project ASTRO: Astronomers and Educators as Partners in Learning (Astronomy Society of the Pacific), assigned to a Baltimore inner city K-12 classroom on a yearly basis as a resident scientist, 2009-2012
  • 365 Days of Astronomy podcast contributor (18 podcasts, audience is general public), 2009-2011
  • Washington Academy of Sciences K-12 Science Fair Judge, 2008-2010, volunteer judging at multiple D.C. public and charter schools