The 4D Game

by Sandy Antunes

Apologies to everyone looking for another dimension, new galaxy, sorry to disappoint but this is about team-building for real projects. There's a small government agency (cite:history of NASA's budget vs AF local permacopy ) that does really awesome stuff (cite: 10 NASA achievements) local permacopy in weird areas (spinoffs) local permacopy that has real world applications (sublime). local permacopy

So imagine this scenario-- you start at NASA, and a perky manager starts this introduction. "Hi! Welcome to the team! We're glad to have you! Here at NASA, we use a schema called '4D' to help us better interact! Let's figure out your approach, so we can better work with you!"

1) (Cultivating, Green) Hmmm... how can this help me bring my team up to speed? briefing on 4D

2) Okay, if I accept there are different (Including, Yellow) NASA and Myers-Briggs.

3) Well, maybe, how does the past help us envision the future? (Visioning, Blue) 4D to solve engineering problems

4) Gah, this sounds stupid, how can it actually help work in a team? (Directing, Orange) Lead!