A Chrysanthemum in Winter


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"A Chrysanthemum in Winter" was the first of a series of four live role playing game written by Sandy Antunes. "Winter" was run on Saturday, March 4, 2004, 9 am - 1 pm at
Intercon E
, in Chelmsford, MA

The second game, "A Chrystanthemum in Spring", was run in 2005 at Intercon. The remaining two seasons will be run over the next three years.


A photo of chrysanthemums in the snow

A monk sips morning tea,
it's quiet,
the chrysanthemum's flowering.

With the Shogunate established and the wars over, there are far too many ronin. For some of them, the lure of the contemplative life vyies against the code of bushido. The others simply long for an honorable death.

The mountain hamlet is primitive, but provides respite from bandits. Fourteen ronin enter the hamlet. Fourteen shall leave.
Join us for a tale of Bushido set in feudal Japan. All characters (male and female) shall be drawn from the samurai caste.

Even in Kyoto–
hearing the cuckoo's cry–
I long for Kyoto.

























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