Game Writing

Sandy is known as a game industry expert for the tabletop RPG business. Tabletop work is now an IP-rich environment also suitable for paper prototyping for computer and mobile gaming. In addition, Sandy brings experience from the LARP segment of gaming to produce training and simulation exercises within the context of work sites, projects such as Destination Imagination, and to make the world a more interesting place.

Sandy co-founded the top-ranked RPG site, build the first online ebook mall for RPGs, and has served twice as executive director for the board of the not-for-profit Game Publishers Association. He's also created less successful ventures and is happy to talk candidly about lessons learned.

Published work includes RPG adventures, rulebooks, encyclopedias, games for childrens, and far too many essays about game design and the industry. Sandy also consults for start-up game ventures.

Current Projects

  • coming in 2024, 'Pioneers', a Mongoose near-future RPG of humans versus space
  • currently available PDF products at DriveThruRPG
  • over 13+ years of gaming columns

Random Projects