Project Calliope

Music from Space

All 4 books in the DIY Space series are now available. I am still waiting for a launch date but am not in a hurry.


Here is the picture book story of Project Calliope.  We start with plucky rocket startup Interorbital Systems (IOS) and their rocket work.  They ship a mysterious package to Sandy, who opens it to find a mysterious selection of parts.  Adding pieces of his own, he begins to assemble a satellite.  But will it survive the attack of the cat?  It does, and he safely flies it to San Francisco.  Returning home, he enters a dream sequence where he imagines what the launch will look like.  Wishing to share the joy of 'music from space', he has flight patches and pins designed, then settles back into the build.  Soon, to space!

Interorbit launch photos (property of Interorbital Systems)


IOS rocket

Interorbital Systems builds rockets

IOS trailer

Interorbital trailer

IOS launch rail

Interorbital launch rail

IOS schematics

Tubesat layout, from Interorbital

Tubesat kits and parts (Project Calliope)


the box arrives

This is what you get-- a box with stuff.

and this is what you get

... and these are the parts in the box!


You have to fabricate the PCBs (circuit boards) yourself, using IOS schematics

add 3oz of instruments

Here's my selection of 3 ounces of potential instruments to fly

work the solar cells

IOS provides these solar cells; you have to solder them onto panels (carefully, they break!)

assemble it

Once you assemble the boards (sans electronics), beware of pets.

then get it away from the cat

Here is the test assembly in a (slightly) safer place.

the NPR box

Everything-- parts, lab gear, instruments-- fits into this box.  NPR loved this box.

Fun stuff (Project Calliope)


launch visualization

This animated GIF is our visualization of Calliope's launch

Project Calliope official flight patches

These are our official limited edition flight patch designs!