Project Calliope

Music from Space

All 4 books in the DIY Space series are now available. I am still waiting for a launch date but am not in a hurry.

Building Your Own

For builders, makers and DIY folks, I've been writing about building Calliope since the start. I've built an index of all the Project Calliope columns by topic, so you can read the full story (so far). This index is current as of April 28, 2011. You can always get the freshest blog posts from the sidebar on the right, hosted by Science2.0. Periodically I bring over each column and index them into this ebook-like index. Enjoy!

Underlying Principals

How To Construct (and Problems)

(in chronological order, as things happened)
Cat vs TubeSat
Project Calliope test build
actual size, with cat for scale

Progress Reports

(in chronological order, as things happened)

Side Issues in Satellite Building

Other People and "Maker" Culture

(in reverse chronological order: most recent are listed first)

Other Space Programs

Silly and/or Poignant